Friday, December 31, 2010


 I would like to say : HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to ALL OF YOU !, hope you all have best of Luck, Health & Wealth in the coming years ! ..... Bless you All !. 
Thank you very much for all of your supporting. Yours sincerely : Untara.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Souvenir from Radio NHK World - Indonesian program

1. Buckwheat in bloom ( Ibaraki prefecture )                    2. Raftsmen ( Wakayama prefecture )
3. May ( month ) breeze ( Shizuoka prefecture )               4. Daybreak ( Saitama prefecture )

Website : , click / choose Language.

Obama' s coming to town .........

Obama' s coming to town ...................... the second day :

Sunday, December 19, 2010

President Obama in Jakarta - Indonesia

Photos from Newspaper media, around The President Obama visit his hometown Jakarta - Indonesia, from November 9th - 10th, less than 48 hours :

Obama' s charming                                                           Seven Sector in Indonesia - America focus

                                                                                                                      Obama' s mother received First service Star Honour


RI - US get comprehensive cooperation
President Obama surprised to see Jakarta                   Little Obama which multiculturism

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Other information of PT. Krakatau Steel Tbk.

Subsidiary companies :

 Name of company :                                                       % Own              Place, Year                 Main business 

A. PT. Krakatau Wajatama ( KWT )                               99,99        Jakarta, 1992             Steel bar manufacturing
B. PT. Krakatau Daya Listrik ( KDL )                             99,99        Cilegon city, 1996     Distributor & electricity prod.
C. PT. Krakatau Hoogovens International Pipe
     Industries Ltd. ( PT. KHI Pipe Industries )             98,50        Jakarta, 1972             Steel pipe manufacturing
D. PT. Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon (KIEC)    99,99        Jakarta, 1882             Management industry estate 
E. PT. Krakatau Engineering ( KE )                                 99,99         Jakarta, 1988             Building const industry
F. PT. Krakatau Bandar Samudera ( KBS )                   99,99        Cilegon city, 1996      Harbor services
G. PT. Krakatau Tirta Industri ( KTI )                           99,99        Cilegon city, 1996     Water distributor
H. PT. Krakatau Medika ( KM )                                         28,17        Cilegon city, 1996      Health services
I. PT. Krakatau Information Technology ( KIT )      17,18         Jakarta, 1993             Information Technology services
J. PT. Meratus Jaya Iron and Steel ( MJIS )                66,00         Jakarta, 2008            Sponge iron manufacturing
+ /+ PT. Krakatau POSCO  -  A Joint venture with South Korea - POSCO Company.

Net Revenue :

 Items :                                           June 2010 ( in billion Rupiah )             % to revenue
Hot roll coil                                           4.285,60                                                     47,60
Cold roll coil                                          2.081,10                                                      23, 10
Wire rod                                                      780,30                                                        8,70
Steel section                                              309,70                                                        3,40

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Profit & Loss PT. Krakatau Steel Tbk.

PT. Krakatau Steel Tbk.
Consolidated Statement of Income
June 30, 2009 ( not Audit ) - June 30, 2010
( in millions of Rupiah )

                                                                                                              June 2010                                     June 2009
                                                                                                                                                                      ( not Audit )

NET INCOME :                                                                              9.000.210                                      7.827.913
COST OF GOOD SOLD :                                                               7.105.629                                     8.409.586
                                                                                              ______________                    _____________

GROSS PROFIT ( LOSS ) :                                                          1.894.581                                         (581.673)
                                                                                              ______________                     _____________

Sales                                                                                                         148.703                                          132.225
General & Administration                                                              530.034                                         428.834
                                                                                              ______________                    _____________

Total operating expenses                                                               678.737                                          561.059
                                                                                              ______________                    _____________

OPERATING INCOME ( LOSS ) :                                            1.215.844                                    (1.142.732)
                                                                                               ______________                    _____________

Gain (Loss) on foreign exchange, net                                         118.855                                         (119.000)
Interest expense                                                                                (112.191)                                        (328.351)
Sales from waste production                                                            26.460                                            16.800
Interest income                                                                                      22.816                                              21.747
Others, net                                                                                                 71.369                                          127.063
                                                                                               ______________                     _____________

Other income (expenses), net                                                        127.309                                         (281.741)
                                                                                               ______________                     _____________

PROFIT ( LOSS ) BEFORE TAX :                                             1.343.153                                    (1.424.473)
                                                                                              ______________                      _____________

Current tax                                                                                              80.897                                             47.242
Deferred tax / ditangguhkan                                                         265.393                                         (370.925)
                                                                                              ______________                       _____________
TAX EXPENSE (BENEFIT), NET :                                           346.290                                         (323.683)
                                                                                              ______________                        _____________
PROFIT (LOSS) BEFORE                                                              996.863                                       (1.100.790)
MINORITY INTERESTS IN                                                                890                                                    (289)
                                                                                              ______________                       _____________
NET INCOME ( LOSS ) :                                                       997.753                                     (1.101.079)
                                                                                              ==============                        =============
BASIC EARNINGS (LOSS) PER                                                          100                                                     (110)
SHARE (expressed in Rupiah
full amount per share) :                                              ==============                        =============

Monday, November 15, 2010

Balance Sheet of PT. Krakatau Steel Tbk.

PT. Krakatau Steel Tbk. & Subsidiaries
Consolidated Balance Sheets
June 30, 2009 ( not Audit ) - June 30, 2010
( in millions of Rupiah )         

                                                                                     June 30, 2010                       June 30, 2009
                                                                                                                                             ( not Audit )
Current Assets :                                                                        

Cash and equivalents                                                  1.518.889                               1.100.156
Short term Investment                                                       1.950                                        6.067
Time Deposit                                                                     260.000                                      ---
Third parties / trade debtors                                  1.630.876                               1.828.541
( net )
Related parties                                                                    94.681                                      97.456
Other debtors / third parties                                         58.618                                      73.956
( net )
Related parties                                                                     15.721                                         1.831
Inventories ( net )                                                        5.163.754                              4.306.219
Prepaid expenses                                                             148.842                                   141.465
Prepaid taxes                                                                       49.097                                     28.706
                                                                               _____________                _____________
Total current assets                                                   8.942.428                              7.584.397
                                                                               _____________                _____________

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Obama' s day & our index

This afternoon President Barack Obama will visit his hometown Indonesia, if there' s not any delay, The President & team will arrive at about 5 pm ( local time ) from India. The President will stay in Indonesia for less than 24 hours, he will meet our President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono & Minister team, will speak at our biggest Mosque in South East Asia, Istiqlal Mosque and in University of Indonesia, in front of our students and lecturers. It is the first time Mr. Obama & First Lady Michelle visit again to his hometown, Jakarta, he said he wants to show to his family where did he plays and had school when he was a child, and live in Menteng area for  about 4 years.
The President will make agreement with our government in Science, trade, education, etc. the press will cover this event for about 300 person ( around the world ), but if Jakarta have rain, the event "meet the press" will be arrange in The Palace with a few press member, and now Jakarta have rain, probably they will continue in The Palace.
After visiting his hometown The President will go to South Korea and attend G-20 Summit event in Seoul.

And our stock exchange index ( IDX index ) have a new high record : 3737, 48 with 1, 03 % high, previously 3699, 26 details : 
Total volume = 6, 43 Billion Lot
Total frequency = 158.718 times
Total value = 6, 90 Trillion Rupiahs
Gainer companies : 
ITMG - PT. Indo Tambang Raya Megah Tbk - Coal mining - 7, 84 % equal Rp. 4.000,-
UNTR - PT. United Tractors Tbk. - Heavy industry - 6, 58 % equal Rp. 1.550,-
ASII - PT. Astra International Tbk. - Vehicle ( car ) industry - 1, 31 % equal Rp. 750,-
PTBA - PT. Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Tbk.- Coal mining - 3, 37 % equal Rp. 700,-
INTP - PT. Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. - Cement industry - 2, 62 % equal Rp. 450,- and
BBRI - PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk. - Bank - 3, 32 % equal Rp. 400,-
Amount of 121 companies shares price up, 103 companies shares price downward and 82 companies shares price stagnant.
Many people in Jakarta waiting for Obama' s visit, they' re trying to see Obama in the HI Square, this is Obama' s day and the rain is still falling ( at 18.05 ).

Saturday, November 6, 2010

After IPO, ....... what should you do next ?

After you finish your IPO process in Bank Mandiri, you have to wait until the refund date, then you have to go to BAE / Biro Administrasi Efek / Securities Administration Bureau office to check if there is allotment shares on you, at :
PT. BSR Indonesia
Kompleks Perkantoran ITC Roxy Mas Blok E1 no. 10 - 11,
Jl. K.H. Hasyim Ashari, Jakarta.
Telp. 021-631 7828

1. Ask the officer of BSR about your PTKS IPO, check to them if there' s cash refund for you, give them your PTKS Application Form ( green color ) + copy of your deposit slip of Bank Mandiri.
2. After they check it, you will receive : 
- Confirmation of Allotment letter
- Refund money announcement letter / SPPPUPS

If your application form to PTKS IPO passed all, you will see that your Number of Shares and Amount column wrote : NIL, but
If your application form to PTKS IPO didn' t pass all, you will see in the Number of Shares and Amount column wrote the sum of cash refund. It is same with SPPPUPS letter but in this letter you can see where' s your refund money will be payed by the Bank.

At the Bank, give your archives / documents to Teller, after they check it all, you will receive Withdrawal form from the Bank and you will see the amount of your refund money, sign it. 

Sample use letters / form :                                                

        Filled Application form                                                                       Confirmation Allotment letter                                                               Refund letter / SPPPUPS
                                                            Filled Deposit slip, the number at above is from the Underwriter                                                                                                                              
                                                             Withdrawal slip - refund slip Bank Mandiri

If you use different Securities company than the Underwriter, you will get Customer Confirmation Letter for allocated or shares deliver to your account and to your Securities company.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

IPO PT. Krakatau Steel Tbk.

Start from November 2nd - November 4th PT. Krakatau Steel Tbk. ( PT. KS ) will launch their new IPO for public in the stock market of IDX ( Indonesia Stock Exchange ).

PT. KS will sell 20 % from their stock amount for this time, it is equal shares from serial B, with nominal amount is Rp. 500,-; And will sell to public for amount Rp. 850,- per share. Minimum order 500 shares or it is equal 1 Lot.
Business field : Steel Industry; Plant industry is in Cilegon area, West Java, main product : Hot rolled coil or plate, Cold rolled coil or sheet, Wire rod and side product services.
Underwriters : PT. Bahana Securities, PT. Danareksa Sekuritas and PT. Mandiri Sekuritas.
After public offering the amount of share will represent : 80 % - Indonesia Government and 20 % - Public.
Currency : US $ 1,- = Rp. 8.924,- ( Indonesia Rupiah / IDR ) as Nov. 3rd.

Order details :
Offering period : 2, 3, 4 November 2010.
Allotment date : 8 November
Electronic distribution date : 9 November
Refund date : 10 November
Listing date ( on the Stock exchange board ) : 10 November 2010.

This is under very limited stock order - this is the 5 Star class stock.
Address for order ( Pooling system ) at :
PT. Bank Mandiri ( Persero ) Tbk.
Branch : Kebon Sirih - Jakarta.
Jl. Tanah Abang Timur no. 1 - 2, Jakarta Pusat
( Beside the small river, near the middle class bridge, left side ).

Deposit / money transfer to Account no. : 121 - 0005488287
Under the name of : Danareksa - IPO Krakatau Steel

If you want to buy this very limited stock offering go to the address above and don't forget to bring 1 fotocopy of your ID card ( driving license or citizen card ).
KSEI account code number of yours ( ask your Securities office if you don' t know yet ).
Business hour : 9.00 - 15.00 ( my local time ).

Sample use forms :


 Deposit Slip of Bank Mandiri

= Balance sheet data, Profit & Loss data, pictures and other informations will post later ( because I have to request it at their office ).
KSEI = Indonesian Central Securities Depository / Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a wonderful world

When I try to search a business articles / news on my computer which serve by BBC Radio Worldwide that morning ( in September 16 ), I found a very surprised story, tell about a mother who is 90 years old being a Blogger !, what amazing !. Her name is : Mrs. Phyllis Greene from Columbus, Ohio, she live in a Hospice care because her age and everyday always on bed, if she want to walk she use a special chair for disability person.
I can' t send messages or anything to her, because her blogsite banned by our provider ( Google Indonesia ), I don' t know why, but if I try to open her blog always appear words something like this : 
Warning Content : This Blog which you want to see is probably content Adult materials, in general Google does not support this blog content or other blog like this. For complete information about content policy see Blogger Help explains how, etc., below that wrote : I understand and I hope to proceed; And the other wrote is : I' m not want to proceed.
I can' t add Follower to her Blogsite too, so I make a copy from her Blog to you, to make you know or tell you that Mrs. Greene has inspired us, all Blogger Fans !, how is she make us to learn much more about The Greatest Mighty GOD, you can see there' s no one from Indonesia can reach her because the ban mentioned above, while she is very useful for us for our spirit.
She is now 91 yo ( October 20 ), if you want to see or read her life Blog, you can search :

Actually I want to tell you about this story a month ago, but because of I had a bad experience that month, so  I can' t post this " Success story " to you, I' m very annoyed that month.
Below is some of her post which I copied for the example. Or you can watch or see their video if you go to then type phyllis greene in search box, click, then you can see at the right bar : News & Sports Clip title, below that you can see : The 90-year-old blogger subject and a picture of Mrs. Greene film - What a wonderful world.
She use the computer to communicate to other people in the world. How' s exciting. Read / hear her story and learn her life making we love to life. Thanks to her and to BBC Worldwide Radio.
I can' t make more better than this one ....... but please enjoy it.
Happy reading to everyone.

The 90-year-old blogger

Phyllis Greene, who is in hospice care in Ohio, talks about why she decided to start a blog at the age of 90 and how technology has brought a new dimension to her life.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On being overwhelmed

To all of you who saw the BBC post of this 90 year old blogger and took the time to write me from all over the world: I, from whose mouth and fingers words usually pour out, I am nigh on to speechless.Thank you, thank you everyone.

And thanks to Daniel Sieberg and his crew for such sensitive editing... and for wanting to come to Columbus to meet DG and me in the first place.

I knew that the media's reach was far and wide --but the speed in which I got comments from all over the world was incredible.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Extreme weather

We have extreme weather in here, day by day we have rain, perhaps in the morning or evening, from low to high intensity with heavy wind sometimes. Usually we get rainy season in November, but for this year we almost not have dry season, start in September we enter Autumn, I can see my plants only left a few leaves on its branches, with many rain we have, most of our farmer get lost of their crops, our government make import some of our main food ( rice ) from other countries, like from Vietnam.
I heard information said that with this heavy rain some of the countries like Pakistan and China have flood and take many casualties and victim, in our Papua province the slide / land fall killed some people and make some injuries.  
If we have a lot of rain, we will get traffic jammed and some areas get flood, workers will back to their home very late.
This rain comes from the result of La nina process, the cold weather in South sea rise and move to Northern side, this weather change making some Hurricane in the Philippine island and Eastern China. Everywhere we have climate change.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Souvenir from Radio Japan NHK World

Last week I received letters from Radio Japan NHK World - Indonesian programs, it contains postcard photos too, The NHK World has birthday in August for 75 years anniversary. Next time I will post the postcard photos for you. Thank you NHK.
I heard there' s a tight budget policy for VOA that impact to our Indonesian programs shortwave Radio and other languages, it will not broadcast their programs forever in coming soon ( end of this October 2010 ). We only can hear their broadcast on computer via internet connection, point to their website : . VOA Indonesia start on air in 1942 and now they are ready to close their program in shortwave.
It' s also happen already to BBC - Indonesian programs last July, its broadcast stop on air every Saturday and Sunday, only on air in five days, it is because the same condition, no enough money in their government' s, so they cut several programs to reduce high cost of this overseas Radio station broadcast.
Radio Singapore International - Indonesian programs has already not on air some years ago. In Europe and several countries in Asia start in November they change their frequencies from Summer frequencies to Winter frequencies, from upper side band to lower side band following our Solar system movement,  like Radio Deutshe Welle, Radio Canada International and Radio NHK World.

Many stories which I want to tell

Oh yes, for several weeks I do not post anything to my blog, ....... well, ....... I get some trouble with some people, it is about our electricity, ........ yes our electricity, in Indonesia the Electricity company hold by government under the name of PLN ( Perusahaan Listrik Negara / Government Electricity Co ), they said to me that I didn' t pay for my electricity bill for 4 months ( July, August, September and this month ), they come to my home to take all the electricity component which belong' s to their company ( the electricity box, cables ) ....... it' s very ridiculous !, impossible !, how can I ' m not paying the electricity bill ?, it' s automatically will payed by my Bank, I use autodebit service via my Bank, and the deposit amount can' t take under limit of the bills, the cash amount is already there. How could they talk like that to me ?. 
It' s happen twice, in September & this month ( early October ), after I had hard talk to their manager and their staff, and after I give them some proof letter from my Bank, finally they accepted all the bills that I payed truly by my Bank - debit account.
After that I forced them to understand that they should responsible for these all, this all was their work, this is their fault, they tried to cheat me, they' re trying to steal my money, they should pay the debt interest which appear because they make my automatic payment by Bank can' t pay normally every month ( I payed for many years use of this service Bank and no have problem yet ). Finally they pay the debt interest which they make it by theirself.
I see this is because of they bribed by somebody who want to make me difficult in life, they all corrupt people. Someone who have much money and power tried to eliminate me.

This situation make me annoyed for weeks, meet this evil people make me not want to post anything for several weeks, I' m not happy to write my Blogsite.
And for this time I want to change my Font to Times and my Text size change to Large because I see Google make changes again for its Blogsite style, it' s different than before, usually I use Lucinda Grande for its font but now Google draw from their service.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The President declared the end of combat operations in Iraq

Remarks by President Barack Obama in an address to the nation
on the end of combat operations in Iraq

Oval Office
8:00 P.M. EDT / August 31, 2010.

THE PRESIDENT : Good evening. Tonight, I’d like to talk to you about the end of our combat mission in Iraq, the ongoing security challenges we face, and the need to rebuild our nation here at home.

I know this historic moment comes at a time of great uncertainty for many Americans. We’ve now been through nearly a decade of war. We’ve endured a long and painful recession. And sometimes in the midst of these storms, the future that we’re trying to build for our nation — a future of lasting peace and long-term prosperity — may seem beyond our reach.

But this milestone should serve as a reminder to all Americans that the future is ours to shape if we move forward with confidence and commitment. It should also serve as a message to the world that the United States of America intends to sustain and strengthen our leadership in this young century.

From this desk, seven and a half years ago, President Bush announced the beginning of military operations in Iraq. Much has changed since that night. A war to disarm a state became a fight against an insurgency. Terrorism and sectarian warfare threatened to tear Iraq apart. Thousands of Americans gave their lives; tens of thousands have been wounded. Our relations abroad were strained. Our unity at home was tested.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PT. BUMI ResourceS Tbk.'s proverb

- Let us put our minds together and see what life can make for our children.

- Do not cut down the tree that gives you shade.

- Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

- The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence.

- If everyday is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing.

- Man can no longer live for himself alone. We must realize that all life is valuable and that we are united to all life.

- Music is harmony, harmony is perfection, perfection is our dream, and our dream is heaven.

- The world is playground and life is pushing my swing.

- He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.

- Every man's ability may be strengthened or increased by culture.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Financial regulation Bill

President Barack Obama signed the new US Financial market regulations into law yesterday ( July 21 ), this new regulation appear because US economy have many crisis according many risk instrument plays in the financial market like : Credit cards, mortgages, stocks & money market, derivatives, loans, insurance, etc. and finally hit in 2007 / 2008, the crisis start from America but the impact of that economy crisis spread to the other countries, many companies close and many people lost their jobs.
Afraid of tragedy like the Great Depression in 1930' s, Obama administration' s prepare and set this new regulation, the President says : " The American people will never again be asked to foot the bill for Wall Street' s mistakes ", then Mr. Obama said : " There will be no more taxpayer funded bailouts. Period. "
This regulation have 2300 page bill, all of us are waiting this law into practice, others says : " It was a good step toward in a new financial system ". 
I hope other country will follow next and the crisis can not repeat again. We always learn how to make something better than before after we get fall and making errors.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain and FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2010 ( football ) begin on Friday, June 11 in Johannesburg soccer city stadium South Africa country, the first match is between South Africa vs Mexico, result : 1 - 1, the final match is between The Netherlands vs Spain on Sunday, July 11 in Johannesburg soccer city stadium. In this occasion I' d like to say that I hope Spain will win the match soon, why ?, because many information recently told that Spain have economic problems like Greek but with different shapes, so if they win the game at least their economy can rise by this situation, more job, tourist, product, and other sector in economy fields will increase proportional with their results, and The Europe economy recession can reduce and on the other hand the global recession automatically can terminate.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July and Chinese tradition

  If you know a little of Chinese tradition trust, you will see that in Chinese trust, the number of four ( 4 ) mean : Dead sign, Chinese people always ( if they can ) not take that 4 number, they believe this number 4 is a Bad luck for they life.
In Jakarta you will see some building ( a lot ) do not have 
number 4 in their passenger lift, they only have number 1, 2, 3, 5 and so on,  or the number 4 change by other sign like : 3 A and 3 B; Also on the name card, some people write their office level without number 4, they afraid of that dead sign.
                                          4th of July Celebrates
BUT .......... this day is the Fourth of July, this day is the Independence day of America, the number 4 in here is very important for American people, they all celebrates this number 4 of day with happiness, there is no bad sign in here, the number 4 of July is a lucky number, who wants to change this number 4 with number 3 or 5 ?.
AND the amount of years of American Independence is : 234 years for this year, and again the number of 4 appear for this day double four for this year and still ........ luck sign.
Can you count something without number 4 ?, Four square for instance, do you have your house with ellipse model or pentagon shape than 4 square ?, ...... strange ...... do you have four children ?, who is the number 4 then ? ........ Can we live without number 4 ?, Of course not !, do you want bankrupt ?, and what about Four Seasons, must we change it with 5 seasons or 3 A seasons ? what kind of season is that ?, where on Earth of that season ?, ..... so the dead sign of number 4 is a false alarm.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ford has sold Volvo

Yesterday ( Sunday, March 28 ) at Volvo headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, China' s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. agreed to buy Volvo cars from Ford Motor Co. for US$ 1, 8 billion, Ford will receive US$ 1, 6 billion in cash and US$ 200 million note from Geely and it puts a Chinese company for the first time in charge of a major global car brand.

Geely Chairman Li Shufu who' s called China' s Henry Ford said Geely will build Volvos in China, the deal brings opportunity, he has the goal of selling 200.000 Volvos in China by 2015. The company is ranked no. 11 in China.
Ford paid US$ 6, 5 billion for Volvo in 1999 and over the past few years, Ford has also sold Aston Martin and Jaguar - Land Rover.

Aston Martin sold to a consortium which valued at pounds 479 million in March 12, 2007; The consortium includes Investment Dar and Adeem Investment from Kuwait.
Jaguar - Land Rover sold to Tata Motors Ltd. from India for US$ 2, 3 billion in March 26, 2008.
Ford must use about half its sale proceeds to pay US$ 23, 5 billion debt the company took on in 2006.
Ford Motor Company founder is Henry Ford 1863 - 1947, pioneer automobile manufacturer, Ford' s famous car in 1908 is Model T, nearly 17 million cars were produced worldwide.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Souvenir from VOA

This afternoon I get a big yellow package envelope from VOA ( Voice Of America ) in Washington DC., it contains of : 1 T shirt - 50th Anniversary of VOA, 1 Word Book / VOA Dictionary - 50th Anniversary of VOA, 1 Back pack - 50th Anniversary of VOA, 1 Big calendar poster 2010 VOA size : 85 cm X 55 cm and 1 Frequencies schedule.
It reminds me all to the Special prize from VOA Special English several weeks ago, where I go to the Embassy.
The link to VOA Special English is :

It looks like my blog have problem with its font letter, I tried to posting my write but still not same as usual, I don' t know why, perhaps it' s because of some experiment which have made by Blogger Team with their new experiment column recently.

Friday, March 19, 2010

President Obama wants to see his hometown in Indonesia

Note : SD Asisi, Menteng is an Elementary school where Mr. President once has study for 4 years, when he was a childhood in Indonesia.
Source video : U.S. Embassy - Jakarta / Facebook

The U.S. health system in decades won approval on Capitol Hill late Sunday ( March 21 ). The House gave final passage to the Senate' s health legislation 219 - 212 voting.
President Barack Obama helped push it toward passage with a last minute promise to issue an executive order making clear that no money dispensed under the $ 940 billion bill would pay for abortions. That persuaded Republican Bart Stupak, a holdout Michigan Democrat, to vote yes and bring at least seven colleagues with him.
The legislation will extend health coverage to 32 million Americans now without insurance, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). It will mandate that almost every American carry health insurance.
The CBO also estimated that 95% of legal U.S. residents would have insurance by 2019, up from 83% today.

Hospitals, doctors, drug makers and the seniors group AARP (the American Association of Retired Persons) backed the overhaul, saying it will reduce the growth of health costs and make sure no one goes without care.

Tax increases needed to finance the program would hit a range of industries, from insurers to other services. Over the next decade $ 108 billion in new fees will fall on insurers, drug makers and medical device companies.
The President sign the new regulation on Tuesday, March 23.
The haves must help the haves not, it' s a rule, the strongest help the weaker. - 27/03/2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I won the Special Prize !!!

This afternoon ( at 13. 18 pm ) I have a phone call from the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Mrs. Dian phone me and tell that I won VOA Special English quiz with 9 other listener from several countries. What a surprise I have !.
Ms. Dian ask me some question about my job, my age and my experience listen to VOA Special English. I said that I listen to VOA Indonesia more than 30 years ago when I was a student in Junior high school level 3 

and still listening until now and for VOA Special English is more than 20 years ago until now.
Mrs. Dian ask me how do I want to take my prize ? at my house or I take at the Embassy or else ?, if I prefer to take my prize at my house they want to come here, I said : No, don' t at my house, my house is not able to live, my house is not beautiful, please I' m shamed if you see / know my house ! - really , so it will be better I think if I go to you / the Embassy then I said.

And Mrs. Dian invite me to the Embassy to take my Prize as soon as possible then we agree to meet tomorrow at about 1. 30 pm, Mrs. Dian ask my ID card number to fill the register guest ( for security guard information / protocol services ) who will come to the Embassy next day.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reporting Tax

This morning ( March 4 ) I go to KPP ( Kantor Pelayanan Pajak / Tax Services Office ) to make a report of my annual report Tax 2009, this is the first year I do report tax; For several days I make this report with help from an official tax in KPP office.

When I arrive in KPP I see some people are talking with the officials with some papers in their hand, I ask one of the official and he points to another table for me to report my tax, and I meet the mentioned official, I give my report and after she read / check a while she give back to me to sign my signature on my report, then she give me a receive note which said that the tax office received my complete report ( SPT / Surat Pemberitahuan Tahunan / the Annual Announcement Letter ), the note have a serial number : 003-01-0 0002665.
Meanwhile I see some people are writing, asking and counting, sit in front of the officials at the other desk, I knew then that they are having consultation about their tax, how to report, write and count their tax, it' s free consultation by the tax official.
And at the other site I can see one of representative Bank ready to receive cash payment from tax payer.
The end of time to give this annual report tax is March 31 every year ( for company and personal ), if you late to report your tax, you will get a penalty - payment penalty as the regulation says.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yahoo' s Birthday

This day ( March 2nd ) is the 15th birthday of Yahoo site, the early internet search engine, Jerry Yang at age of 27 and his partner David Filo begin with World Wide Web works in March 1995, they are Stanford University doctoral students, they created a program that would allow them to group website into subject categories, they begin indexing all sites on the web.

Yahoo Corporation formed in April 1995, after a year operation Yahoo held its IPO in April 1996, selling 2, 3 million shares at $13 per share on the NASDAQ and rise up g
ain after that. Happy birthday to Yahoo !.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prudential buy AIG

Yesterday ( March 1 ) United Kingdom' s Prudential PLC buy AIG' s Asia unit for about $ 35, 5 billion. This deal call for Prudential to pay government $ 25 billion in cash, $ 8, 5 billion in equity and $ 2 billion in preferred stock AIA' s unit ( American International Assurance Ltd. ).
The US government bailouts for AIG totaling $ 182, 3 billion, AIG is working to repay about $ 97 billion, $ 50 billion would go to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and $ 47 billion to the Treasury Department. An additional $ 33 billion is to be paid off from AIG related mortgage assets.

AIG is insurance and financial services company and plans to keep a global property and casualty insurance businesses called Chartis, and its domestic life insurance and retirement services business, recently rebranded as SunAmerica Financial Group said Under Chief Executive Robert Benmosche.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow storm will come .......... Sunshine will arrive ..........

This afternoon I heard ( via short wave radio ) the snow storm will come and strike again several states in US in a few days come, in here this day we have bright Sunshine and hot temperature from morning until I write this post at night ( 23.08 local time ); The sky' s clear, I can see the Moon is shining, several stars sparkling, so we will approaching new ice storm and we will have another hot days in front. We got rain as usual but now we will have another extreme days. ........... Phew !, what a strange weather we had.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meet WWF Indonesia on the bridge

Yesterday afternoon ( Saturday, February 20 ) after I usually attending a seminar, when I walk on the cross bridge near Dukuh Atas train station, I meet some WWF Indonesia crews, one of them ( Mr. Eros ) stop me by and have communication / interview with me about Earth Day - Earth Hour in the next month ( March 27 ), after he knows that I know about Earth Hour he' s very happy, before ending our communication Mr. Eros give me a gift from WWF Indonesia, it' s a book page separator cartoon and its picture is a baby turtle on the beach sand.
After that I continue to walk to the bus way station and wait for a special bus which will take me go to home.

This post is for WWF Indonesia, I would like to say : Thank you very much for your works, may your effort can make our world better for our living.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cold ..... Hot, over there ..... over here, dark ..... shine ....... climate change ?

I hear from many radio station that in the US there' re a lot of snow storm' s coming, in Washington DC many objects like buildings, road, houses, trains, etc. get struck by this snow / winter season, many schools are closed and students can' nt study as usual from last Friday to next Wednesday, but ........... in our country there' re a lot of Sun shine ( I get perspiration if I go out work ) and this condition are not normal because in this month we should have rainy season and we should be in the middle of rainy weather, possibly almost everyday, but ............. from last week we do not have any rain either.
Cold over there and hot over here, dark condition over there but bright over here ............. have we live in climate change now ?............... and how about our world ?, are there any good life prospect in future time ?.....................