Thursday, June 30, 2011

Annual Grand Meeting of : KRAS, ANTM, TINS, BUMI & PGAS Company

Photos of :
June 6, 2011. AGM PT. Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk., - code KRAS - a Government public company :

The podium of KRAS in Ballroom The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta.         Before the event.

The Commissioners & Directors of  KRAS                      The audience ( Investors )

June 14, 2011. AGM PT. Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk. / antam, - code ANTM - a Government public company :

The podium of ANTM in Ballroom JW Marriott Hotel, Jakarta.      The Commissioners & Directors ANTM

The audience ( Investors ) are listening to Director' s reports, include : Responsibilties, Balance sheet & Income statement, future prospect, condition of trading market ( local / International ) 2011, etc.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Annual Grand Meeting of PT. Pembangunan Perumahan public company

This morning I attended Annual Grand Meeting (AGM) & Extraordinary Grand Meeting (EGM) of PT. Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk. ( stock code : PTPP ) in their auditorium : Wisma Subiyanto 2nd floor, this is a Government public company in business activities : Construction services, high rise buildings, power plant, infrastructure, property & realty and investment in infrastructure sector.
The new management is : Mr. Eddy Purwanto as Commissioner and 3 new Director is :  Mr. Bambang Triwibowo as President Director, Mr. Harry Nugroho and Mr. Wayan Karioka as Directors.
Changed Directors is : Mr. Musyanif, Mr. Kiswodarmawan and Mr. Agus Priyambodo.
The company get profit in 2010 : Rp. 201.647.908.789,- or it is 23, 51 % rise than in 2009.
The government of Indonesia have 51 % company shares, 28 % by PTPP employers and 21 % by public.

Here is some photos of the event :

Wisma Subiyanto / Subiyanto building.                          Front yard / entrance of Wisma Subiyanto.

Podium of AGM & EGM PTPP.                                      Banner of AGM & EGM PTPP.

Before the event.                                                             The Commissioners & The Directors explain their
                                                                                          reports, responsibilties, etc. to the audience.

The audience / Investors is hearing the reports.             Foreign investors (back seat) is hearing the
                                                                                           reports too.

PT. Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk. building and its main entrance in Jl. Letjend. TB. Simatupang Kav. 57, Pasar Rebo, Jakarta.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

4th Anniversary of IDX Investor Club

Yesterday ( June 11th, 2011 ) we have celebrating our 4th Anniversary of IDX ( Indonesia Stock Exchange ) Investor Club in F-Cone, FX Lifestyle X' nter building 7th Floor, from 9.30 - 14.00 PM. There are Mr. Ananta, Mrs. Dewi / Kiki, Mr. Yoyok, Mr. Yulianto & Mr. Aji, all from Indonesia Stock Exchange ( BEI ).
We have information that only about 1.100 investor from Jakarta and only about total 320.000 Indonesian investor right now, it is very little amount compare with our neighbour investor like in Malaysia or Singapore.
It's because of : 1. Our small market capital and 2. We have too many of "Dark traders" who can manage the market or index, therefore our market is not showing genuine / real market.
Hope I can help for this.
I already registered as a member of IDX Investor Club since June 2008, but become an Investor long before that year.

There is a director from a securities company who talks nonsence & bullshit as a speaker, he said that US economy will sink or will get big depression almost similar in 1930' s, I said : He didn't know that a ( one ) company like McDonald's Corp have market capital : $ 83,38 Billions (June 13th).

Here is some photos from that event :

Podium of IDX Club Anniversary in F-Cone building.       The audience / investor member.

The announcer and Staff from Indonesia Stock Exchange ( in front ).    The Musician and the singer.

Banner of Anniversary IDX Club on the podium.          View from General Sudirman Av ( view from
                                                                                           North to South ).