Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Annual Grand Meeting Bank Mandiri (code: BMRI)

Here' re some information & photo from Annual Grand Meeting (AGM) Bank Mandiri (code: BMRI), which held on Monday, March 16 at their Office : Auditorium Plaza Mandiri 3rd Fl., Jl. Jend. Gatot Soebroto Kav. 36-38, Jakarta.

There' re 7 Commissioners & 11 Directors for
top level management
Announcement the Directors

The audience
The capital market institutions supporting professionals

Other data (in Trillion Rupiahs) :
Total Asset : 855
Liabilities   : 697
Syirkah temporary funding : 53,1 --> Syariah Bank
Equity         : 104,8

Net Income : 20
Total comprehensive Income : 21,4
Net Income ready for attribution : 19,8

Other information : 
Lending : 529 (Trillion Rp)
ATM machine : 15.444 pcs.
Total Account : 15,7 (million)
Total representative office : 2.312

There' re some changing person in top management as our Government regulation for Public company.
= All the information reports in Indonesian language only.

Bank Mandiri is from the merger 4 Bank that' s : PT. Bank Pembangunan Indonesia (Bapindo), PT. Bank Bumi Daya (BBD), PT. Bank Dagang Negara (BDN) and PT. Bank Export Import (Exim Bank), all these Bank get bankrupt because of mismanagement & corruption.