Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Companies Public expose

Here are our public companies expose that you can learn about :

- No. 1. Bakrie & Brothers group : PT. BUMI ResourceS Tbk., PT. Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk., PT. Energi Mega Persada Tbk., PT. Bakrie Telecom Tbk., PT. Bakrieland Development Tbk., PT. Bakrie Metal Industries and PT. Bakrie Indo Infrastructure.

- PT. BUMI ResourceS Tbk.

- PT. Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk.

- PT. Energi Mega Persada Tbk.

- PT. Bakrie Telecom Tbk.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mecca Coup d'etat - This day 30 years ago

This day, thirty years ago ( November 20, 1979 ) a big event happen in the Holy City of Mecca. Some 500 armed men lead by Juhaiman al-Utaibi ( Saudi former national guardsman ), a radical Islam, conquer Masjid al-Haram. They protest many of corruption in Saudi Arabia government. Political flare up then explode. After that American soldiers and Europe unite help the Saudi government to make recover situation in the Holy land.

That event make an essential element for modern history of Mecca. Even though, most people, especially the Muslim, don't know what is happening those days. Political observers and historians believe that event as an incident local solely. And therefore not connected with international event which deeply torn afterwards : Terrorism. But the author, Yaroslav Trofimov had other opinion. He thought that event is the root of global terrorism movement history, especially had been motorized by al-Qaeda.

For open the unrevealed event like that, Trofimov pursue the essential sources and trusted, like : the 1979 movement actor : Paul Barril, French troops mission head that time; Saudi Arabia troops; British library, the only place in Europe which collect all kind of Saudi newspapers in 1979; US & England government archives which contain secret reports from diplomat and spy agent; together with CIA and British Foreign Office.

This battle end in December 4th, more than a thousand people died, their nationality was from around the world.

Triple One

I have information from Transparency International - the global coalition against corruption, that our country had rank number 111 from their 2009 report - Corruption Perceptions Index ( CPI ) 2009, the Confidence Range indicates 90 % true score for the country lies within this range.

Top 10 rank for year 2009 is : New Zealand ( no. 1 ), Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and Iceland ( no. 8 ). Whereas United States is no. 18.
The 10 lowest country ( the 10 most corruption countries ) is : Somalia ( no. 180 ), Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sudan, Iraq, Chad, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Haiti ( no. 168 ).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This day 80 years ago

This day 80 years ago was called " Black Thursday " when stock market in New York - Wall Street crash ( October 24, 1929 ) but the catastrophic downturn is on Monday, October 28 and Tuesday, October 29 unprecedented and long lasting economic depression for the US and the world, stock market fell on that day for a full month.

Some bankers met to find a solution to the panic and chaos on the trading floor with vice president of the Exchange, they purchase a large block of shares in US Steel but over the weekend stock prices crashed even further, the market lost $ 14 billion in value that " Black Tuesday " and make $ 30 billion the loss of the week. They need 25 years ( 1954 ) for return to pre 1929 levels.

Dow Jones Index
Date : ......................... High : .............. Low : .............. Close :
1929 - 10 - 24 ............ 312,76 ............. 272, 32 ............ 299,47 = " Black Thursday "
1929 - 10 - 28 ............ 295,18 ............. 256,75 ............. 260,64
1929 - 10 - 29 ............ 252, 38 ............ 212,33 ............. 230,07 = " Black Tuesday "

1929 - 09 - 03 ............ 386,10 ....................................... 381,17

1954 - 11 - 23 ............ 384,29 ....................................... 382,74 = After 25 years.

They called this era as Great Depression, many of peoples have lost their job where unemployment was high and many company failed.
After we free from great depression we get into World War II, after we free from crocodile mouth we get into lion mouth.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Top 10 000

Yesterday ( October 14th ) DJIA closed 10.016, passing the symbolic 10.000 level, The traders says it's much faster than expected. The Dow rise up to 145 points or 1,5 % a day and The Nasdaq composite rose 1,5 % to 2.172. The first earnings surprise come from Intel and JP Morgan Chase.

Along with the stock market, oil futures in New York settled at a high for the year, $ 75 a barrel and The US dollar was pressured as investors moved into other assets, like gold which have high score and breach $ 1.000 per troy ounce since October 5th.

Other index in Asia rise : Hang Seng 21.999, Strait Times 2.712, Nikkei 225 have 10.239 and Indonesia composite index / Jakarta Stock Exchange ( JSX ) have 2.515.
Some traders hopes that stock's momentum may carry through year end, but others still worry, I'd like to say, Wise man says : Only a good Sailor / Captain can sail his ship through storm raged with safe. Have a good trade !.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Heavy rain ........... Heavy work

This afternoon we got a heavy rain, it comes suddenly at about 7.45 pm and with rather heavy night wind, this rain begin smaller at 8.30 then stop permanently at about 9.35 pm, this rain also make me to have work next week, because we just closer to rainy season we have to do some work like paint the roof /roof gutter and the fence, phew what a heavy rain ............ what a heavy work next.

Tomorrow is Saturday, tomorrow morning I will attend a Finance seminar as usual in a big building at MH. Thamrin avenue near ( in front of ) the Welcome statue, I have to go to sleep right now, the clock indicates at 11.09 pm.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A week after a year Lehman Brothers collapse

Monday morning, September 15th, 2008 Lehman Brothers company a leading US investment bank goes to bankruptcy and other institutions scramble to merge as the credit crunch. Stock prices plunged in Asia and Europe after Lehman Bros announcing its collapse. In 2001 Thomson Financial named Lehman Brothers Bank " Best of the Best " Year Awards for 2001.
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. founded in 1850 by Henry Lehman, Emanuel Lehman & Mayer Lehman, its basic trading is dry good store in Montgomery, Alabama and before close the company HQ is in New York City their trade product is financial services, investment banking and investment management.

This month is a year after economy crisis hit many big companies around the world, it cause of subprime mortgage issue. Dow Jones Industrial Average have lowest close price 6.547 in March 9th, 2009.
But in less of a year our stock market rise and start from fourth week of July we have close the market with three of O - DJIA ( over 9.000 ) Japan : Nikkei 225 ( over 10.000 ) and Hong Kong : Hang Seng ( over 20.000 ), I hope the economy crisis ended now and begin showing signs of stabilizing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finally : The Financial Reform

[Obama Meet] Associated Press
President Barack Obama

The President want to have a new Finance Reform to decrease economy crisis in the future, in his weekly radio address Saturday ( September 19th ), he said : " We can not allow the thirst for reckless schemes that produce quick profits and fat executive bonuses to override the security of our entire financial system and leave taxpayers on the hook for cleaning up the mess ".

" While many folks took on more than they could afford, too often folks signed contracts they didn't fully understand, offered by lenders who didn't always tell the truth. That's why we need clear rules, clearly enforced ".

Mr. Obama proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency is key to achieving consumer protection initiatives and retooling how Wall Street conducts business.
Mr. Obama plans to discuss with G - 20 leaders ways " to safeguard our global financial system and close gaps in regulation around the world ".

The G - 20 leaders will gather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania September 24th - 25th, 2009. The Group of 20 consists of G - 7 countries member : Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan and the United States began in 1975 plus Russia ( 1998 ) = G 8 and Emerging nations : Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China / PRC, the European Union, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey in their first meeting ( 1999 ).

In my opinion I agree with Mr. Obama's wish, I think if Wall Street / business have regulation / play rules, the consequences of this economy crisis will not worst like we have right now; The Obama administration's new rules will absorb or The wild wild west.wall street

Everything have rules ( stars, comets, our Solar system / universe, wind, typhoon, seasons, flowers, fruits, at school, at your office, at your house, in the dining room, in a community, at a meeting, traffic on the street, sea traffic, air traffic, as a soldier, as a citizen, etc. ) all have rules, also in business with clearly terms & services with good rules / regulation the negative impact of not normal situation can reduce.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

20 09 2009 20 09 2009

20 09 2009 20 09 2009,
20 September 2009 at 20 hour 09 minutes 20 seconds and 09 milliseconds or
September, 20th, 2009 at 20 hour 09 minutes 20 seconds and 09 milliseconds or
20.09.2009 at 20 hour 09 minutes 20 seconds and 09 milliseconds or
20 - 09 - 2009 at 20 hour 09 minutes 20 seconds and 09 milliseconds, or
20/09/2009/20/09/2009 and so on, there is no extraordinary circumstance will happen on that day on this Earth, everything will go same like before, you will see, if my word not true, why can we still live until now ?, we all passed that all special numbers like : 19 09 1909 or 19 12 1912 or 17 06 1706 etc. and we are here now, and we will pass like they were before, also in the future time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It ' s Blogger Birthday !

It ' s Blogger birthday, this day is the 10th of anniversary of Blogger - Google birthday, first I did not recognize it even though I see something on Blogger logo, I thought it ' s like a figure from front part of a boat or ship with it mast, but after I posting some pictures and go to Blogger Buzz, I see a paper hat on Blogger logo which always use in the birthday party, I realize this is Blogger birthday time ............ and that front part of a boat figuring a piece of a cake ! ............. oh ! my.
I do want to say : HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BLOGGER WEB / SITE may your site always on the top score.
Cheers !.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The 70th Anniversary of WW II & The First rain

This day ( Sept. 1st ) is the 70th Anniversary of World War II begin ( 1939 ), when Nazi German attack Poland at the Westerplatte peninsula, this war make 50 million peoples dead, the war begin in Europe but after that all continent fall in this war. Finally Nazi German surrender on May 7, 1945 at Reims and Japan Emperor announce its surrender in August 14th, 1945.

1. Millions of Jews dead by Nazi German. ( Picture : Star magazine Indonesia, June 1957 ).
2. Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, He's the Leader of Japanese fleet ship attacking Pearl Harbor in the beginning of Pacific war, December 7th, 1941, he suicide with his pistol in a cave in Saipan, Juli 1944 ( Picture : Star magazine Indonesia, April 1957 ).
3. Two Dauntless fighter plane are searching position to dive & attack on a burning Japan warship in WW II. ( Picture from : Life's picture in history WW II, 1950. - Star magazine Indonesia, December 1956 ).

4. Four Aces : Saburo Sakai, right back.

+ This day we have the first rainy day begin at 8 pm until I write this blog ( 10.47 pm ) the rain still drop with hard enough, usually the first rain of rainy season and the last rain of rainy season have high intensity like this one we have.

Note : Other information will coming soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friends from Deutsche Welle Radio

The 45 th Anniversary of Deutsche Welle Radio - Indonesian program (1963 - 2008 )

Note : I still manage their names. This pictures taken in Hotel Sultan, Jakarta, November 2008.

Pictures taken in September 2009.
Red Beethoven " has killed " millions of people around the globe since 18's more than Red Baron. This Red Beethoven vehicle is going to other city from Rawamangun bus station near my house ( only less ten minutes walk ).

Monday, July 20, 2009

A letter for Mr. Tim Mackay, ( deceased ) / CEO PT. Holcim Indonesia

Jakarta, July 20th, 2009.

To : Mr. Tim Mackay, ( deceased )
at your Rest place.

Dear Sir,

This is an e - mail for you from me after I know you are not with us all again. I just know the news at about 3 pm local time ( July 17th ), after I open my computer and read the news on the web ( live trading ezydeal news - UBI Securities ), first I do not believe it's happen on you but after I open Yahoo news ( AP / Associated Press News ) at about 4 pm, I know it's true, I am very very sorry Sir, I was very shocked & sad know this news. I can't reply your first time only and the last time e - mail, from you to me Sir, my internet connection's too slow to move , always interrupted / stop, I already send a complaint report to the provider ( Smart Telecom Indonesia ) and I already go to their office too in Jl. Sabang ( July 10th ), but it's still ( since middle of June ).

If only I can send an e -mail to you that day ..................... perhaps this accident will never happen to you, ..................... because .................... perhaps we can still talk together as we did in annual general meeting last May 2009.

I remember that time you've shocked me come and speak to me while I still writing a note ( a question list ) for / to one of your staff and we talk for long about the company.

You've shocked me come that day, and now ......................
You've shocked me when you take the way to go ....................

Like I said before, you are a brave man / not coward, come from far distance and take the risk to build this country / the company from its ruins ( PT. Semen Cibinong ) to become PT. Holcim Indonesia Tbk. and ..................... for the first time this year ( 2008 report ) your company get profit from many years get loss.

Thank you very much for all of your time Sir, to make the acquaintance of me. I condoled with your family over the loss of you. We missed you Sir.
Your name card and words ( if you want to meet me, just give this card to my staff and they will bring you to me ) will always I keep, .......... in remembrance of you.

May you go and Rest in Peace in GOD's name.

Yours sincerely,
Untara Hadi.
This draft letter I made on Friday, July 17th, time : 22.19 but posting this day ...... with have much difficulties.

Terrorist attacks in Jakarta.

Police: Suspected hotel bombers stayed at Marriott

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Jakarta's police chief says several suspects in the bombing of the Marriott were staying at the hotel.

Maj. Gen. Wahyono said the suspects stayed on the 18th floor of the hotel where un-detonated explosives were found after Friday's twin explosions at the J.W. Marriott and neighboring Ritz-Carlton.

Wahyono told reporters, "There were several perpetrators."

"They were disguised as guests and stayed in room 1808."

He said the attacks killed 8 and wounded 50, including 18 foreigners. Earlier the security minister said nine people died, but that number was later revised by authorities.

It was the first major terror strike in Indonesia since three suicide bombers hit restaurants on the resort island of Bali nearly four years ago.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Suspected suicide bombers set off explosions that ripped through two luxury hotels in Jakarta Friday, killing nine and wounding at least 50 more, ending a four-year lull in terror attacks in the world's most populous Muslim nation. At least 18 foreigners were among the dead and wounded.

The blasts at the J.W. Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels, located side-by-side in an upscale business district in the capital, blew out windows and scattered debris and glass across the street, kicking up a thick plume of smoke. Facades of both hotels were reduced to twisted metal. An Associated Press reporter at the scene saw bloodied bodies being shuttled away in police trucks.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said the attack was carried out by a "terrorist group" and vowed to arrest the perpetrators. He said it was too early to say if the Southeast Asian Islamic militant group Jemaah Islamiyah, blamed for past attacks in Indonesia, including a 2003 bombing at the Marriott, was responsible.

"Those who carried out this attack and those who planned it will be arrested and tried according to the law," a somber-looking Yudhoyono told a news conference.

The Marriott was hit first, followed by the blast at the Ritz two minutes later. The attacks came just two weeks after presidential vote expected to re-elect Yudhoyono who has been credited with stabilizing a nation previously wracked by militancy.

Theo Sambuaga, chairman of the parliamentary security commission, said "there are indications of suicide bombs" at the two hotels. "That is being investigated."

Local MetroTV reported that investigators suspect the attackers may have been hotel guests, who smuggled explosives past security checks. An unexploded bomb was found on the 18th floor of the Marriott after the blasts and removed by an explosives disposal team, said an investigator who declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

But top anti-terror official Ansaad Mbai told AP it was too early to conclude suicide bombers were responsible.

Security Minister Widodo Adi Sucipto told reporters at the scene the hotel blasts happened at 7:45 a.m. and 7:47 a.m. (0045 GMT, 8:45 p.m. EDT) and that "high explosives were used." He said at least nine people were killed and 50 wounded.

Alex Asmasubrata, who was jogging nearby, said he walked into the Marriott before emergency services arrived and "there were bodies on the ground, one of them had no stomach," he said. "It was terrible."

Anti-terror forces with automatic weapons were rushed to the site, and authorities blocked access to the hotels in a district also home to foreign embassies.

"This destroys our conducive situation," Sucipto said, referring to the nearly four years since a major terrorist attack in Indonesia — a triple suicide bombing at restaurants at the resort island of Bali that killed 20 people.

The security minister and police said a New Zealander was among those killed, and that 17 other foreigners were among the wounded, including nationals from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea the U.S. and Britain.

The dead New Zealander was identified by his employer as Timothy David Mackay, 62, who worked for cement products manufacturer PT Holcim Indonesia. He was reportedly attending a business meeting at the Marriott Hotel when the explosions occurred.

Noel Clay, a U.S. State Department spokesman in Washington, said that several American citizens were among the injured.

Earlier, South Jakarta police Col. Firman Bundi said that four foreigners were killed, but gave no details.

Manchester United football team canceled a planned visit to Indonesia. The team had been scheduled to stay at the Ritz on Saturday and Sunday nights for a friendly match against the Indonesian All Stars, the Indonesian Football association said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks, but terrorism analyst Rohan Gunaratna said the likely perpetrators were from the al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah.

"The only group with the intention and capability to mount attacks upon Western targets in Jemaah Islamiyah. I have no doubt Jemaah Islamiyah was responsible for this attack," he said.

There has been a massive crackdown in recent years by anti-terror officials in Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim nation of 235 million, but Gunaratna said the group was "still a very capable terrorist organization."

Police have detained most of the key figures in the Indonesia-based Jemaah Islamiyah, and rounded up hundreds of other sympathizers and lesser figures.

But Gunaratna said that radical ideologues sympathetic to JI were still able to preach extremism in Indonesia, helping provide an infrastructure that could support terrorism.

Jakarta chief of police operations, Arief Wahyunadi, said the blasts were in the Ritz-Carlton's Airlangga restaurant and in the basement of the Marriott. He gave no details on what kind of bombs were used and whether they were suicide attacks.

Government spokesman Dino Patti Djalal told CNN the scene of the blasts were "eerie," when he arrived.

"The bodies I saw, some were being collected, some were on the floor," he said. "What we know, of course, is this was a coordinated attack."

When asked if Jemaah Islamiyah was behind the attack, Djalal said: "We always knew there are terrorists out there. But we've had a number of very good successes; no major attacks since the Bali bombings."

He was referring to the October 2002 bombings of two Bali nightclubs that killed some 202 people, many of them foreign tourists.

"This is a blow to us," Djalal said, but said the government would find those behind the attacks.

"The president has built his reputation on ... anti-terrorism policies," he said. "Make no mistake, he will hunt whoever is behind this."

Because of past attacks, most major hotels in Jakarta take security precautions, such as checking incoming vehicles and requiring visitors to pass through metal detectors. Still, international hotels make attractive targets, since the nature of their business requires them to be relatively open and accessible.

On Friday, Australia and New Zealand updated their travel advisories, which had already warned against unnecessary travel to Indonesia because of the risk of terrorism.

"We advise you to reconsider your need to travel to Indonesia due to the very high threat of terrorist attack," the Australian Foreign Ministry said on its Web site. Those in Indonesia were warned to exercise "extreme caution."

New Zealand urged its citizens in Indonesia to keep a low profile.

Britain also updated its travel warning, though it did not raise its alert level.


Associated Press writers Niniek Karmini and Ali Kotarumalos in Jakarta and Tanalee Smith in Adelaide, Australia, contributed to this report.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The election day, add a gadget, ............. etc.

This day ( Wednesday, July 8th ) we have directly President general election, we have 3 President candidates with 3 Vice President candidates, the election day start from 8 am - 12 pm, in the evening I heard ( Radio ) one candidates won more than 50 % vote in quick count. The final result will be declare on Saturday, July 25th.

This day I add a gadget from The Cutest Blog on The Block ( TCBOTB ) too with erase some of its basic programs, and I add cbox ( Chat box - for 200 characters max. ) for communicate with other readers.

If you want to tell or ask something to me, please use the cbox in the right sidebar, I hope I can answer on my blog later.
Thank you very much for your attention and your time visit my blog.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

General Motors bankruptcy

Monday, June 1st, 2009, General Motors filed for bankruptcy protection in New York, this is the Detroit biggest car manufacture, the GM process will not be as fast as Chrysler because GM is far larger and more complicated global company said GM senior administration officials.

Two years after losing its status as the world's biggest carmaker, GM have to give 60 percent ownership stake to the US government and have $ 30 billion federal funds to continue operations.
The government's also give cash infusion valued $ 20 billion federal loans on Friday ( 24/04/09 ) with very low interest.

Along with filing for bankruptcy, GM announced the closing of a dozen idling plants. The company's workforces stand about 60.000 employees, down for more than 600.000 in the 1970's.

The sales have plummeted in recent years, while the cost of production has risen, bad management decisions have made the situation worse and the current economic recession has put the future of the company in doubt.
Nova Coupe 1969 - Chevrolet - GM product.
At the White House, President Obama said he did not want to see American car manufacturing disappear, but stressed the need for major reform of the industry.

General Motors Corporation founded in 1908, begins in 1892 by Ransom E. Olds, the largest industrial company in the United States, manufacturer of such standard nameplates as Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac, GMC and Saturn and also takes part in the manufacturing and marketing of Isuzu, Saab and others foreign and domestic vehicles. GM promise will be a new management, new views in the future.

1. Chevelle SS 300 series : Deluxe Sedan 1969. 2. Malibu Sport Coupe 1969 - Chevrolet - GM products.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Greatest lost money in the world.

Bernard Madoff or they called Bernie, the 70 y.o financier was once chairman of Nasdaq Exchange - a symbol of Wall Street ( centre of financial world ) could get up 150 years in prison, this Jewish guy was ruined thousands of victims included individuals, trusts, pension funds, hedge funds and non profit organizations, he wiped out people's life savings, damaged charities and foundations and apparently pushed at least 2 investors to commit suicide.

Investors big and small were swindled from retirees to celebrities as Steven Spielberg ( Jurassic Park film maker ), actor Kevin Bacon, Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax, etc. included Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.

He began a Ponzi scheme ( Charles Ponzi, an Italian immigrant in 1920s - died broke ), a Pyramid money game, in which early investor are paid off with money taken in from later ones.
Prosecutors said his low level employees in Madoff's New York offices participated by mailing out tens of thousands of phony monthly statements and trading confirmations to make it look as if customers were making money in the market, prosecutors put
the amount of the fraud at $ 64,8 billion. So far authorities have located only $ 1 billion for investors.

Where's the money then ?, some investors suspect their money ended up in the hands of Madoff's wife, Ruth.

" I realized that my arrest and this day would inevitably come, I'm actually grateful for this opportunity to publicly comment about my crimes, for which I am deeply sorry and ashamed, " Madoff said.
This financial scandal broke in early December 2008 and the courthouse is in lower Manhattan New York, he was taken to the Metropolitan Correctional Center across the street where he will be held until sentencing.

Stocks open higher.

This Friday many regional stock market has gains. Report from Citigroup Inc. yesterday said the Bank doesn't need additional government support after receiving three rounds of emergency funding. Another report came from Bank of America Corp. it said the Bank was profitable in January & February, other reports is General Motors Corp. said this thursday that the company wouldn't needthe latest installment of government bailout money and General Electric Co.'s credit rating cut on the same day wasn't as bad as some had feared.

From Asia, Japan's Nikkei stock average jumped to 7569 from 7198 and Hongkong index is 12525 from 12001.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Attend a seminar

This morning I attended a Financial seminar at a big building on 49th fl. MH. Thamrin Avenue, topic of this seminar is Introduction to Hedge Fund, Forex ( foreign exchange ) and Options. The seminar was attended by 40 - 50 persons. We learn about equity or stocks, bonds, derivatives & futures contract, foreign exchange currency, money market, mutual funds, hedge funds, private funds or sovran funds and all of its spread.
This seminar begin at 9 and finish at 12, after that I go to the New Market ( Pasar Baru ) to repair my photo camera, after asking the price etc. I went home. This camera I will use to take some pictures and myself pictures, my plan is I will upload those pictures to this blog. This automatic camera is a genuine brand from Canon Japan, this camera is from my far grandma, she live nearby the building that I was came this morning.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Monday closed down.

I heard ( from many radio stations ) that on Monday, March 2nd, the stock market in many places closed down sharply ( DJIA 6763, Nasdaq 1323 ) it's all because of AIG ( American International Group Inc. ) reported $ 61,7 billion the fourth quarter loss then brought losses for 2008 to $ 99,3 billion. After that AIG have bailout from US government, this is the 4th times AIG have bailout ( Twice from Treasury fund and fourth times from Federal Reserve ).

I heard the government already has risked $ 173,3 billion to keep AIG alive and government officials acknowledged the company may need more money.

But the Indonesian index average ( JCI / Jakarta Composite Index ) closed up 3 digit ( 1264 ). This day many of stock market index closed gain.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hopefully it will longlife services.

I make this blog with some hope, I hope this blog will continues all the way, therefor from that long run service I can post many objects. I hope I can post advertisement from some company too ( private and national company or even from international companies ), but first I have to learn much from this google services like how to import another website, how to make stylish advertisement, photo, film, edit object, etc.

I think it will take more time for those ( difficult ) task, but it will works finally, so hopefully it will longlife services from google blog.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A New blogsite.

February 25th, 2009.

This day is Wednesday and the time is : 20.10 Western Indonesian Time or 13.10 UTC. I ' ve just finished make the blogsite from Google Blog service, I hope this blog will useful for anyone who want to know more about something that I wrote, you can learn about that too.
My other aim to have the blog is to get Adsense money sources; I got many information which told there ' re a lot of people have much money from the google adsense, so do I, I want to follow them too. My http ( HyperText Transfer Protocol ) blog is : or rainbowbiz dot blogspot dot com or you can search to Thank you.