Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Save by the Irene' s bell

Hurricane Irene by NASA photo
When Hurricane Irene' s caused many difficulties and victims for US country ( including New York city - Wall Street HQ - Sunday, 28/08 ), the stock market beat it ( Monday, 29/08 ) by DJIA soared more 254 points or 2.3 % to 11.539,25 and Nasdaq composite soared more 82 points or 3.3 % to 2.562,11 ....... you still never give up eh ? ..........

Monday, August 29, 2011

After "Irene" attack

DJIA chart as 25/01/10 - 25/01/11
As 08/02/11

DJIA as 30/08/10 - 29/08/11
As 29/08/11

You can see the slide down graph of DJIA is cause of  S & P downgrade the US debt rating from triple A to double A plus early this month.
But my opinion is US stock exchange market will still uptrend after all. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Preparing go International

The Welcome statue square in Central Jakarta
From many years ago actually I preparing my aim to go to International trades, it' s useful for me to take that action because I see a lot of traders in here doesn't want to change their behavior, they' re always as Dark traders as usual ( including some Securities companies ).
As I get information they' re only still a few Indonesian has launched their activity on the International trading, therefore I have busy time to do so. The Blog that you see right now get impact, I become rare to manage this Blog again, I make a club with my friends who have same interest like me, they want to go to International trades too, I know much better in this International trades than all of my friends in the club, so I teach them how to use tools to get into the International trading ....... I get more busy ....... but I hope I can post articles as I could, perhaps minimum once a month and to get in touch with you too viewers, if I can' t have much time I' ll send you photos from our city.