Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow storm will come .......... Sunshine will arrive ..........

This afternoon I heard ( via short wave radio ) the snow storm will come and strike again several states in US in a few days come, in here this day we have bright Sunshine and hot temperature from morning until I write this post at night ( 23.08 local time ); The sky' s clear, I can see the Moon is shining, several stars sparkling, so we will approaching new ice storm and we will have another hot days in front. We got rain as usual but now we will have another extreme days. ........... Phew !, what a strange weather we had.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meet WWF Indonesia on the bridge

Yesterday afternoon ( Saturday, February 20 ) after I usually attending a seminar, when I walk on the cross bridge near Dukuh Atas train station, I meet some WWF Indonesia crews, one of them ( Mr. Eros ) stop me by and have communication / interview with me about Earth Day - Earth Hour in the next month ( March 27 ), after he knows that I know about Earth Hour he' s very happy, before ending our communication Mr. Eros give me a gift from WWF Indonesia, it' s a book page separator cartoon and its picture is a baby turtle on the beach sand.
After that I continue to walk to the bus way station and wait for a special bus which will take me go to home.

This post is for WWF Indonesia, I would like to say : Thank you very much for your works, may your effort can make our world better for our living.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cold ..... Hot, over there ..... over here, dark ..... shine ....... climate change ?

I hear from many radio station that in the US there' re a lot of snow storm' s coming, in Washington DC many objects like buildings, road, houses, trains, etc. get struck by this snow / winter season, many schools are closed and students can' nt study as usual from last Friday to next Wednesday, but ........... in our country there' re a lot of Sun shine ( I get perspiration if I go out work ) and this condition are not normal because in this month we should have rainy season and we should be in the middle of rainy weather, possibly almost everyday, but ............. from last week we do not have any rain either.
Cold over there and hot over here, dark condition over there but bright over here ............. have we live in climate change now ?............... and how about our world ?, are there any good life prospect in future time ?.....................