Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a wonderful world

When I try to search a business articles / news on my computer which serve by BBC Radio Worldwide that morning ( in September 16 ), I found a very surprised story, tell about a mother who is 90 years old being a Blogger !, what amazing !. Her name is : Mrs. Phyllis Greene from Columbus, Ohio, she live in a Hospice care because her age and everyday always on bed, if she want to walk she use a special chair for disability person.
I can' t send messages or anything to her, because her blogsite banned by our provider ( Google Indonesia ), I don' t know why, but if I try to open her blog always appear words something like this : 
Warning Content : This Blog which you want to see is probably content Adult materials, in general Google does not support this blog content or other blog like this. For complete information about content policy see Blogger Help explains how, etc., below that wrote : I understand and I hope to proceed; And the other wrote is : I' m not want to proceed.
I can' t add Follower to her Blogsite too, so I make a copy from her Blog to you, to make you know or tell you that Mrs. Greene has inspired us, all Blogger Fans !, how is she make us to learn much more about The Greatest Mighty GOD, you can see there' s no one from Indonesia can reach her because the ban mentioned above, while she is very useful for us for our spirit.
She is now 91 yo ( October 20 ), if you want to see or read her life Blog, you can search :

Actually I want to tell you about this story a month ago, but because of I had a bad experience that month, so  I can' t post this " Success story " to you, I' m very annoyed that month.
Below is some of her post which I copied for the example. Or you can watch or see their video if you go to then type phyllis greene in search box, click, then you can see at the right bar : News & Sports Clip title, below that you can see : The 90-year-old blogger subject and a picture of Mrs. Greene film - What a wonderful world.
She use the computer to communicate to other people in the world. How' s exciting. Read / hear her story and learn her life making we love to life. Thanks to her and to BBC Worldwide Radio.
I can' t make more better than this one ....... but please enjoy it.
Happy reading to everyone.

The 90-year-old blogger

Phyllis Greene, who is in hospice care in Ohio, talks about why she decided to start a blog at the age of 90 and how technology has brought a new dimension to her life.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On being overwhelmed

To all of you who saw the BBC post of this 90 year old blogger and took the time to write me from all over the world: I, from whose mouth and fingers words usually pour out, I am nigh on to speechless.Thank you, thank you everyone.

And thanks to Daniel Sieberg and his crew for such sensitive editing... and for wanting to come to Columbus to meet DG and me in the first place.

I knew that the media's reach was far and wide --but the speed in which I got comments from all over the world was incredible.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Extreme weather

We have extreme weather in here, day by day we have rain, perhaps in the morning or evening, from low to high intensity with heavy wind sometimes. Usually we get rainy season in November, but for this year we almost not have dry season, start in September we enter Autumn, I can see my plants only left a few leaves on its branches, with many rain we have, most of our farmer get lost of their crops, our government make import some of our main food ( rice ) from other countries, like from Vietnam.
I heard information said that with this heavy rain some of the countries like Pakistan and China have flood and take many casualties and victim, in our Papua province the slide / land fall killed some people and make some injuries.  
If we have a lot of rain, we will get traffic jammed and some areas get flood, workers will back to their home very late.
This rain comes from the result of La nina process, the cold weather in South sea rise and move to Northern side, this weather change making some Hurricane in the Philippine island and Eastern China. Everywhere we have climate change.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Souvenir from Radio Japan NHK World

Last week I received letters from Radio Japan NHK World - Indonesian programs, it contains postcard photos too, The NHK World has birthday in August for 75 years anniversary. Next time I will post the postcard photos for you. Thank you NHK.
I heard there' s a tight budget policy for VOA that impact to our Indonesian programs shortwave Radio and other languages, it will not broadcast their programs forever in coming soon ( end of this October 2010 ). We only can hear their broadcast on computer via internet connection, point to their website : . VOA Indonesia start on air in 1942 and now they are ready to close their program in shortwave.
It' s also happen already to BBC - Indonesian programs last July, its broadcast stop on air every Saturday and Sunday, only on air in five days, it is because the same condition, no enough money in their government' s, so they cut several programs to reduce high cost of this overseas Radio station broadcast.
Radio Singapore International - Indonesian programs has already not on air some years ago. In Europe and several countries in Asia start in November they change their frequencies from Summer frequencies to Winter frequencies, from upper side band to lower side band following our Solar system movement,  like Radio Deutshe Welle, Radio Canada International and Radio NHK World.

Many stories which I want to tell

Oh yes, for several weeks I do not post anything to my blog, ....... well, ....... I get some trouble with some people, it is about our electricity, ........ yes our electricity, in Indonesia the Electricity company hold by government under the name of PLN ( Perusahaan Listrik Negara / Government Electricity Co ), they said to me that I didn' t pay for my electricity bill for 4 months ( July, August, September and this month ), they come to my home to take all the electricity component which belong' s to their company ( the electricity box, cables ) ....... it' s very ridiculous !, impossible !, how can I ' m not paying the electricity bill ?, it' s automatically will payed by my Bank, I use autodebit service via my Bank, and the deposit amount can' t take under limit of the bills, the cash amount is already there. How could they talk like that to me ?. 
It' s happen twice, in September & this month ( early October ), after I had hard talk to their manager and their staff, and after I give them some proof letter from my Bank, finally they accepted all the bills that I payed truly by my Bank - debit account.
After that I forced them to understand that they should responsible for these all, this all was their work, this is their fault, they tried to cheat me, they' re trying to steal my money, they should pay the debt interest which appear because they make my automatic payment by Bank can' t pay normally every month ( I payed for many years use of this service Bank and no have problem yet ). Finally they pay the debt interest which they make it by theirself.
I see this is because of they bribed by somebody who want to make me difficult in life, they all corrupt people. Someone who have much money and power tried to eliminate me.

This situation make me annoyed for weeks, meet this evil people make me not want to post anything for several weeks, I' m not happy to write my Blogsite.
And for this time I want to change my Font to Times and my Text size change to Large because I see Google make changes again for its Blogsite style, it' s different than before, usually I use Lucinda Grande for its font but now Google draw from their service.