Friday, November 20, 2009

Mecca Coup d'etat - This day 30 years ago

This day, thirty years ago ( November 20, 1979 ) a big event happen in the Holy City of Mecca. Some 500 armed men lead by Juhaiman al-Utaibi ( Saudi former national guardsman ), a radical Islam, conquer Masjid al-Haram. They protest many of corruption in Saudi Arabia government. Political flare up then explode. After that American soldiers and Europe unite help the Saudi government to make recover situation in the Holy land.

That event make an essential element for modern history of Mecca. Even though, most people, especially the Muslim, don't know what is happening those days. Political observers and historians believe that event as an incident local solely. And therefore not connected with international event which deeply torn afterwards : Terrorism. But the author, Yaroslav Trofimov had other opinion. He thought that event is the root of global terrorism movement history, especially had been motorized by al-Qaeda.

For open the unrevealed event like that, Trofimov pursue the essential sources and trusted, like : the 1979 movement actor : Paul Barril, French troops mission head that time; Saudi Arabia troops; British library, the only place in Europe which collect all kind of Saudi newspapers in 1979; US & England government archives which contain secret reports from diplomat and spy agent; together with CIA and British Foreign Office.

This battle end in December 4th, more than a thousand people died, their nationality was from around the world.

Triple One

I have information from Transparency International - the global coalition against corruption, that our country had rank number 111 from their 2009 report - Corruption Perceptions Index ( CPI ) 2009, the Confidence Range indicates 90 % true score for the country lies within this range.

Top 10 rank for year 2009 is : New Zealand ( no. 1 ), Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and Iceland ( no. 8 ). Whereas United States is no. 18.
The 10 lowest country ( the 10 most corruption countries ) is : Somalia ( no. 180 ), Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sudan, Iraq, Chad, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Haiti ( no. 168 ).