Sunday, October 24, 2010

Many stories which I want to tell

Oh yes, for several weeks I do not post anything to my blog, ....... well, ....... I get some trouble with some people, it is about our electricity, ........ yes our electricity, in Indonesia the Electricity company hold by government under the name of PLN ( Perusahaan Listrik Negara / Government Electricity Co ), they said to me that I didn' t pay for my electricity bill for 4 months ( July, August, September and this month ), they come to my home to take all the electricity component which belong' s to their company ( the electricity box, cables ) ....... it' s very ridiculous !, impossible !, how can I ' m not paying the electricity bill ?, it' s automatically will payed by my Bank, I use autodebit service via my Bank, and the deposit amount can' t take under limit of the bills, the cash amount is already there. How could they talk like that to me ?. 
It' s happen twice, in September & this month ( early October ), after I had hard talk to their manager and their staff, and after I give them some proof letter from my Bank, finally they accepted all the bills that I payed truly by my Bank - debit account.
After that I forced them to understand that they should responsible for these all, this all was their work, this is their fault, they tried to cheat me, they' re trying to steal my money, they should pay the debt interest which appear because they make my automatic payment by Bank can' t pay normally every month ( I payed for many years use of this service Bank and no have problem yet ). Finally they pay the debt interest which they make it by theirself.
I see this is because of they bribed by somebody who want to make me difficult in life, they all corrupt people. Someone who have much money and power tried to eliminate me.

This situation make me annoyed for weeks, meet this evil people make me not want to post anything for several weeks, I' m not happy to write my Blogsite.
And for this time I want to change my Font to Times and my Text size change to Large because I see Google make changes again for its Blogsite style, it' s different than before, usually I use Lucinda Grande for its font but now Google draw from their service.

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